Build 4.02, May 29, 2008

-See document masterchangelist.xls

Build 3.04, Mar 4, 2008

- New Help

Build 3.03, Jan 9, 2008

- "No cost changes" - disable buttons

Build 3.02, Dec 24, 2007

- NRS status box
- NAFTA confirm on send

Build 3.01, Dec 24, 2007

- Hubert Universal Interface (top, tabs)
- NAFTA tab

Build 3.00, Dec 10, 2007

- Hubert Universal Interface (top, tabs)
- NAFTA tab

Build 2.36, June 25, 2007

- Changed template help text "Project manager" to "Product manager"
- Added template operator [MERCH_NAME] - Merchandiser name
- Added template operator [MERCH_EMAIL] - Merchandiser email

Build 2.35, June 13, 2007

Build 2.34, June 12, 2007

- Delete MSRP highlighting
- Fixed Excel Import trouble with highlighting

Build 2.33, June 11, 2007

- Excel upload design.

Build 2.32, June 08, 2007

- Fixed Catalog Presentation Comments variable.

Build 2.31, June 08, 2007

- Capitalize word "Presentation" edititem.ascx and correct Discontinued word

Build 2.30, June 06, 2007

- Nightly email Supplier Connection VPN Suggestions
- Nightly email Supplier Connection Item Description Suggestions
- Nightly email Supplier Connection Catalog Presentation Comments

Build 2.21, June 04, 2007

- Send.aspx changed text to "Current sales literature is critical and invaluable to Hubert sales people when sourcing products for the customer. Please send four copies of your current catalog (if it has changed within the calendar year) to Hubert Co 9555 Dry Fork Rd Harrison, OH 45030 Attn: “SA NAME”. Click HERE to print out informational sheet to include with your current catalogs.”"
- NewItem.aspx changed text to "Please e-mail product images and information to “INSERT MDSE MGR E-MAIL”. If necessary, mail literature to Hubert Co 9555 Dry Fork Rd Harrison, OH 45030 attn: “INSERT MDSE MGR NAME”"

Build 2.20, May 23, 2007

- Added posibility of test mail sending in Mail's Template Editor

Build 2.15, May 21, 2007

- Add filter by merchandiser or vendor to the new item listing in the merchandiser view. Add a merchandiser number column to the display. Number Merchandiser. + drop down By Merchandiser Name
- Remove the text '(optional)' from the prompt for the MSRP. Found on the items Tab column header and on the Item Detail screen. Delete word optional
- Create process for purging items from the new item list. Also consider adding a checkbox to indicate which items have been addressed. Perhaps a filter on the checkbox. Column Archive checkbox Link to archive. And Date.
- Create a procedure so that the supplier can review those items on the supplier connection that were not matched by items in a file import. This is to make it easy for the supplier to either manually update items that were missed or to add them to the original import file and import the file again.Filter Dropdown "Items not updated by me” don't show blue.
- Allow new item suggestions to be entered all year long. Worked.
- Add the percentage change and the person’s name from the FINISH Tab to the archive listing line. Global Percent Change in Archive. Authorizing Person’s Name This is archived data (data accepted by XXXXX)

Build 2.1, May 17, 2007

- Added New Country,State.
- Discontinue calendar position
- Added merchandiser template and email
- Added password recovery email template
- Hide "recap" link
- MSRP don't make item changed, if MSRP is changed

Build 2.02, May 15, 2007

- Added undo discontinued functionality
- Password send on first kick off
- Added new fields to edit item
- No COST Changes filter

Build 1.05, May 11, 2007

- Added emails templates
- Forbidden change company name
- Hide inactive users for agent
- Forbidden change profile email.Allow change in contacts.
- Added a sort (filter) by negotiated field at the vendor level. This is for the Agents so they can see what items are marked as negotiated.
- Added titles in contacts

Build 1.03, Mar 28, 2007

- Excel Imort/Export in supplier part of site
- Excel Imort/Export in agent part of site
- List of suppliers which change data and didn't send it
- New user search in User's Managment, admin part
- Kickoff working mode changes

Build 0.50, Dec 21, 2006

- Added Help

Build 0.49, Dec 19, 2006

- NO COST CHANGES checkbox
- Changed the waiting for review in the Suppliers status window to bolded black and the WFR Status to bolded black also. Status of DA changed to green(The same green as the approved from the Suppliers status box on left.)

Build 0.48, Dec 15, 2006

- Grand Total for C.O.G.S. Report

Build 0.47, Dec 12, 2006

- Net_Cost_Future group calculation for supplier from Net_Cost_Current

Build 0.46, Dec 06, 2006

- AJAX loading is enabled now in "print all" and C.O.G.S. Report.

Build 0.45, Dec 05, 2006

- Don't specify what deadline it is…currently states "The first deadline is 11.29.06. You have….." Get rid of the reference to the "first"
- Group operations. Put a break line after "Net US$ Future cost", so the radio buttons are in 2 different row. Right now the second radio button is not aligned with "Manufactured Sug. Price"
- You have the scripts that import data from your temporary database (T500-100, or whatever you name it) into VendorConnection database. In order to trigger those scripts you added button in admin interface. John needs to be able to call those scripts externally, in order to trigger the import. So please provide a way to call them from outside the interface.
- The kickoff dates. There will be the 3rd txt file that will contain kickoff dates. You will be importing it as well. In the interface, remove the possibility to edit the kickoff dates (make the fields read-only). Leave just emails texts editable. Add a button to the admin to import kickoff dates and provide a way to call the script from outside the interface.
- Add a flag to Suppliers table as you have for Items to mark that the items have been exported already. We will use same scripts as for items - it will export just un-exported, approved suppliers.

Build 0.44, Dec 04, 2006

- COGS Report
- Change the Authorizing Person's Name and Authorizing Person's e-mail to be mandatory fields (SEND screen for Supplier). Also, Beth, do we need those fields on SA send screen?
- Please verify what names will display on the Negotiation Notes…will it simply say "SA" and "Supplier" or will it be their login name? Display SA or Supplier real name.
- After the Contacts tab approved (& Items Tab already approved) system sends you to the Send Tab but then you get locked up. (I did not witness this…maybe one of you guys did?)
- Change group operations so "+" increases the value, "-" - decreases and no sign - sets you TO a value. For example "+10" will add 10, and "10" will set all fields to 10. Change the tip from "Tip: To decrease values use the minus sign. Example: "-10"" to "Use + and - before the number to decrease or increase value (ex. "+10"). Typing a number without a sign in front will set the field(s) value to this number.
- When the user selects "All pages" and tries to do a group operation, popup a Javascript confirmation: "Your choice will affect ALL the items on all the pages. Are you sure you want to proceed?"
- The table sorting order is beeing re-set after visiting the Item details screen. And the current page as well. Remember the sorting order and the page, whatever page the user visits.
- Remove "Supplier Stats" links from EVERYWHERE for Suppliers. I've seen it on "New Item Suggestion" screen.
- What about getting rid of "Apply & Save" group button. And use the main "Save Changes" button for all changes.

Build 0.43, Nov 29, 2006

- Some changes with logins showing on login page
- Alow mail sending for mail-list in web.config

Build 0.42, Nov 28, 2006

- Fix the spacing/aligh in the items group edit ("Apply to all page..." box).
- On vendor home page (WAYMAR), the log says: " Received negotiation info from Hubert 21 Nov 2006 Received negotiation info from Hubert 16 Nov 2006 " So did the vendor receive the negotiation info twice? Note that i did re-import the items from T500 before this test. May be it didn't clean the whole log
- When the SA is logged, on the Send page "No changes to existing programs" and "Proposed Changes" should be disabled (so he can't change them) and also the right one should be SELECTED. Like, if the Supplier changed it, the "Proposed Changes" should be selected.
- Link to the catalog presentation on The string we should feed and to what script, in order to open an presentation by item #. Thanks.

Build 0.41, Nov 23, 2006

- Possible to add a button for Vendor to print out a piece of paper which would include: Vendor name, Vendor #, SA Name & Buyer Name? The Vendor should include this paper in the catalogs they send. Add this after the SA name: “Click here to print out informational sheet to include with your current catalogs.”
- Need a way to select ALL (500 in this example) items for an overall percent increase. Hitting the top “Selected” button only selects the 10 items on the viewing page.
- Fuctionality of printing of items page - print all or print this page
- Low speed on server testing
- Authorized person Name adding in export to t500
- Authorized person Name adding to archive

Build 0.40, Nov 21, 2006

- Change html pages title to "Hubert's Supplier Connection
- Change default filter for supplier to "All Suppliers
- Change the items page a bit: a. adjust some space b. change the top as it was in original design - white box with NO header. check the attachments...
- Export the date/time of first supplier reply ("send") for each supplier. Besides their first login time.
- We need to set a "demo" vendor with a name... "Demo Vendor". Add to him 500 RANDOM items (not just from one vendor) and shuffle the prices (within +/- $10 or something like that).
- Show "Supplier Purchase Incentives" also for SA on Send screen. But read-only.
- Change "Your suggestion was sent!!" to "Thank you! Your item(s) suggestion has been sent. (for New Item suggestion form).
- On the "Send", do not show "To continue working click here" for Suppliers. Show it just for SAs.
- Pls change the red box next to “Discontinued Items” to be the paler red that the discontinued item (row) is now highlighted in.
- The “LINK” tab sends you to Google. When will it really link to our catalog presentation?
- Change sentence to : “You have sent negotiation information to the Supplier.” Remove the “Thank you!”
- From Vendor user side, remove all references to “Supplier Stats”.
- The “[show message history]” not displaying on the SA view.

Build 0.39, Nov 16, 2006

- New export of kickOff by command file KickOffExport.cmd
- This appears after the Supplier clicks SEND after entering a New Item Suggestion. Remove “Your suggestion was sent” and instead say “Thank you for your item submission.”
- Add word “is” in between words “data” and “locked”. Capitalize the S & A in words “sourcing agent”
- Add word “Net” in bold before “US$ Future cost”.
- Please add at least two decimal places to the Avg % changes.
- Change the light blue shading to a darker blue for better contrast
- Remove sentence “Supplier contacts data was updated” to “Thank you for making changes.”
- Change sentence to “Are you sure you want to discontinue this item?”
- Add “You have ## days left to finish the updates. The due date is DATE. Hubert is currently waiting for your reply.” This used to be here but now is gone.
- Change wording to “You must select the items before a change can be applied.”
- Add option to go to last page to the pager
- Vendors should default to be listed alphabetically. Add option to Click on column heading “Supplier Name” OR “Supplier #” to sort accordingly

Build 0.38, Nov 15, 2006

- New export of suppliers by command file SupplierExport.cmd
- Some text and spelling changes from new letter

Build 0.37, Nov 14, 2006

- On the test data, it appears that the MSRP and the future net cost columns have been set to be the same as the current net cost column. Defaulting of the current net cost to the future net cost is fine, but the MSRP field should be left blank unless a value for it was loaded from the T500. (Or the supplier enters a new one.)

Build 0.36, Nov 9, 2006

- (from previous one) Please note, if the Supplier missed the 1st or 2nd deadlines, the message will be: "You missed the first deadline of xx/xx/xx. The new deadline is xx/xx/xx. You have # days left to finish the updates". These deadlines are different from lock dates. The deadline1 and deadline 2 happen BEFORE any lock dates. Deadline 1 is indicated in email 2 as a “due” date and deadline 2 is indicated in email 3 as a “due” date. Because of that, the kickoff configuration screen has to be extended (will be described blow)
- Minor design improvements – add ALT tags to all the images like buttons.
- “Agent” to be renamed into “Sourcing Agent” everywhere. In places where it needs to be short, use “SA”.
- “fatal lock date” rename to “final lock date”
- Search on Supplier and Items. Show “No Results” if there are no results.
- Archives sections will be hidden in the release version initially (or just empty). Just something to remember.
- Update the design like it is shown in _preview.gif – more space around the current catalog link and add the button image “current_catalog_link.gif” at the end.
- Take the Price effective range from new Kickoff parameters (below)
- Rename on Kickoff screen : ”email 1” = “initial request” ”email 2” = “second request” ”email 3” = “final request”
- Sometimes the changed fields are not marked with orange… Not sure when it happened and may be, the changes took place more than one iteration ago. Just check on the marking again.
- Make the product search to work not just on “Description” and “VPN” fields but ALSO on “Hubert#”
- Sort products by default by their “VPN”
- Is it possible to enable the optional “% change” sorting? Right now we can’t click on that header.
- Update the legend explaining the colors. Cut it into img/text instead of just one image. Rename to: [ blue ] – changes in progress [ orange ] – changes requested
- Lock message missing on Agent’s Send screen.
- On Kickoff sceen, add “due date” fields AFTER each email field (email1, email2, email 3). So 3 “due date” fields (date field). Use the “due date” to calculate “# days left” for 1)
- Replace “submit_btn.gif”, “savechanges_btn.gif” and “savechanges_btn2.gif”
- Replace “negot.gif”
- In the supplier home page. When listing the catalog names in “Current catalog” and “Archives”, add after the name of the catalog also the “Effective date range [Date] – [Date]. Type in the second line and with smaller, non bold font.
- Rename “Current Catalog Update” to “Next Catalog?”
- Prohibit suppliers from changing the VPN field. SA’s still can edit it.
- When supplier clicks “discontinue item” ask him for a date. Do not pre-fill it with today.
- Hide “Discontinued date” if the item is not marked as discontinued (just don’t show that row)
- In the “Edit Item” screen, if the item is marked as discontinued, change the header to red (the bg under “Edit Item”)
- Edit Item form. “Change” field – show “%” after the value (ex. “13.4 %”)
- Remove “Supplier Stats” link from Supplier/Edit Item
- For the SA, link “Supplier Stats” to the same page as the ”btn2.gif” links in the attached file “vendors_form”asp.” The full path to all the window to popup with search results is http://intranet:92/content/vendors/
- Changes to group operations for Supplier (“Apply”). Change the “%” checkbox into (“%” and “$” radio button. % is the default value). Unselect selected items after “Apply” is pressed. Change "Tip: You can use operations like "+10"" to “ into "Tip: To decrease values use the minus sign. Example: "-10""
- The animated arrow for missing fields – make sure they are shown on the right side of the field, not below. In IE when typing empty value in US Future cost, the animated arrow appears below. Just add “nowrap” to the table cell.
- On the Send screen, move the “negotiating history” under the “Comments” field (put the “Rebates” thing under the history)
- rename “show history” to “show messages history”

Build 0.35, Nov 6, 2006

- changed text on send and agreement pages of vendor

Build 0.34, Nov 3, 2006

- fill in some fake data for agent phone, fax in the database
- "Recieved negotiation info from Hubert" = "Received..."
- The message on top of the supplier home page should read: "You have # days left to finish the updates. The due date is xx/xx/xx. Currently, Hubert is waiting for your reply".
- Please note, if the Supplier missed the 1st or 2nd deadlines, the message will be: "You missed the first deadline of xx/xx/xx. The new deadline is xx/xx/xx. You have # days left to finish the updates"
- The accept message should be: "Hubert has accepted your information. Thank you!"
- Add a link to the "Rebates, Terms and Conditions" page (the one that shows ones at the beginning). Add it to the home page of the Supplier. Under rebates links.
- New Item header of new item suggestion form should read "New Item Suggestion"
- On the same page, down, in the address, change after "OH 45030": "OH 45030, attention [SA agent name] or email to [SA email] ". Place the name/email there.
- Remove the whole phrase "Fill description of your new item..." from "Edit Item" page.
- On "sending page". Fix the text: "By entering the info below, you are approving all changes, if any, on the Contacts and Items tabs"
- "add rebated and Terms" becomes "Rebates,Terms and Conditions"
- "Lave old" becomes "Leave current".

Build 0.33, Nov 1, 2006

- Created settings <add key="AgentProductCount" value="20"/> <hadd key="SupplierProductCount" value="20"/> in the web.config file

Build 0.32

- "Rebated and Terms" link on Supplier homepage - change the blue
- In the new items suggestion form. After the form is send, after the "Your suggestion was sent!" - move the "Back to list button" below this message
- Login box - remove the big space between Username and Password. Line up the fields and the boxes nicely
- Message "VPN was changed...." should say "VPN was changed - please add your comments to the Corrections field".
- Also do not let them submit the form while Corrections is empty
- Contact page. Bugs with state update
- Merchandiser login - the text of the full notes - no need to show in a disabled text box. Just show it as regular HTML.
- The suppliers list - the statuses on the left and the status dropdown filter now work right when on Search results page

Build 0.31

- Changes of database encription and all (supplier-item) data transfering
- logger in more sequrity mode
- some bugs in send

Build 0.30 - Changes of database encription and all (supplier-item) data transfering

- Changes of database encription
- sertificate backuping - restoring
- all (supplier-item) data transfering from t500 samples
- Testing and changes with new data

Build 0.29 - Fix position Rebates & terms

- fix "New item" design
- Changed required message to animated gif
- Replace some images

Build 0.28

- bugs working from list
- KickOff fatal lock
- KickOff accept mail
- Contacts + Country field
- Alert on VPN changing

Build 0.27

- Supplier cann't edit description of item
- add cell number to contacts
- new disign of negotiation message board
- rebates on status page
- add to log who sent
- New Item Form
- Marchendiser changes for new item fields