Supplier Connection is Hubert’s web-based portal for exchanging business-critical data with our vendor partners. This site details important information on how to do business with Hubert, update pricing, and enter shipping information. Our goal is to improve communication, resulting in enhanced speed and accuracy within the supply chain. We continually strive to improve efficiencies in order to deliver value to our customers.

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Founded in the United States in 1946, Hubert ® Company, LLC is a full-service distribution company whose mission is to provide innovative merchandising solutions and support products to the food and retail industries worldwide. LEEDing the way  -  Hubert is committed to Corporate Responsibility. Partner with an organization that is now LEED Silver Certified.

Our headquarters in Harrison, Ohio - just outside Cincinnati - include a corporate staff of 300 employees and a state-of-the-art 500,000 square foot warehouse. In July 2005, Hubert opened its first international office in Canada.

Marketing: Our North American Corporate Marketing Program includes the Source Book and the Retail Resource catalogs that are updated and mailed twice a year, plus market specific and topic specific supplementals in U.S. and Canadian editions. These catalogs, totaling over five million copies annually, contain product assortments selected specifically for their target markets. Our Web site,, hosts the entire assortment and more in a ready-to-order format. Through our product assortment, Hubert strives to create a sustainable advantage by sourcing a wide breadth of products that are unique and/or add value to our customers’ operations.

Customer Service: More than 45 telemarketers and 60 sales representatives are trained to promote the features, advantages, and benefits of products to our customers. Our integrated business model includes the following multi-channel customer contacts:

  • Catalog
  • Call Center
  • Website
  • Inbound and Outbound Sales
  • Account Management

Fulfillment: Inventory is maintained on more than 30,000 products. This allows us to be flexible when servicing our customer with shorter lead times, smaller minimums, and broken case packs. 98% of in-stock orders are shipped to the customer within 24 hours. Independent surveys have shown that our customers value Hubert because we deliver quality goods quickly.

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We partner with hundreds of suppliers globally to satisfy our customers’ needs. The following information explains the requirements for all of our valued suppliers.

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